Saturday, April 1, 2023

First Game Announced: Finding Tomboy

Our official mascot has run away! 🐈‍⬛😢 Will you be able to find Tomboy before it's too late?

Find out by playing Finding Tomboy, the first-ever game to be announced by Tomboy Industrees! Learn how to think like a smart cat as you explore a fascinating universe and interact with various characters, both nice and evil, and solve the mystery of Tomboy's disappearance!

Pricing and availability will be communicated in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Remerciement / Thank you

Nous remercions tous ceux qui nous ont inspiré au cours de notre première décennie, et nous souhaitons le meilleur à nos fans dans la prochaine!

We would like to thank all those inspired us during our first decade, and we wish our fans the very best in the next!


Monday, December 31, 2018

Validation of External, Realistic, and Internal core protocols

Tomboy Industrees

   Ensuring Data Integrity & Data Neutralization Management
   Évaluation Des Informations et gestion des Dérangements Naturels

Validation of External, Realistic, and Internal core protocols

This verification is for 2019-20 and covers the years 2017-18 retroactively. The purpose of this verification is to show that key Ensuring Data Integrity and Data Neutralization management (EDI-DN) protocols are correctly defined and implemented. VERI refers to Validation of External, Realistic, and Internal aspects of the target object.
Assuming that A, B = super.A, super.B, meaning
and are different functions of time that have the same limit at
, args is some arbitrary list of arguments, and the VERI target is A:
  • External Validation: Create an external validator B: EV = B(args) where A in args. This means that B knows about A but only from the information that was passed in. This can be done with a statement that tells B to search online for A. Then, call B.ev(A) in order to perform an external validation on A. The implementation of ev() can either be the default provided by B's definition, or it can be overriden with a custom function if required.
  • Internal Validation: Create a new instance of A: IV (or a new runner for an existing one). A knows about A (itself), including its internal implementation, by default. It is possible to instruct A to use a different definition of itself (with loss of efficiency). Call A.iv([A]). Note that the A parameter is optional.
  • Validation with respect to a Reality: Consider a Universe U with a reality set {Ri}, . Given some reality from that set, verify that A satisfies that reality.

from datetime import datetime

class B:
    def __init__(self):

    def on_EDI_DN(self, A):
        Protocol to run during a Data Neutralization.
        v = None

            v = A.fdn
            v = estimate_from(exponential_decay_of_As_states,

        vt: int = v.transform()

        if vt < ranges[1]:
            # figure out operation we want done, then call it. 
            # op will be constructed by B given params from A
            op = i(self)._as(A)
        elif vt < ranges[2]:
            # just missed train - save data
            with open("backup_file.mry", 'w') as f:
        # Add other operations here if needed...

    def wander(self, env):
        scene = env.scene
        if i(scene)._as(play(scene)) < scene_quality_thresh:
            wait_until(self.sleepiness > sleepiness_thresh):
                start_time =
                # 10 minutes in dream world, 3 seconds in real life
                with timeout(start_time + 10*60 + 3):
                    with open("wander_scene.mry", 'w') as f:

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Journée d'action contre la Crise des Inversions / Day of Action against the Inversions Crisis

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que nous estimons avoir fait du progrès sur notre Plan et donc nous anticipons une fin à la Crise des Inversion d'ici la fin de l'année prochaine.

We are pleased to announce on this Day of Action that we made considerable progress on our Plan and we therefore anticipate an end to the Inversions Crisis by next year.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tomboy Industrees Lateral Thinking Day

Happy Tomboy Industrees Lateral Thinking Day 2017! 

This year marks the third time we celebrate non-vertical thinking. Here at our company, thinking in unconventional ways is especially important because of the nature of our work. Innovations in [:)]™ human computing lead not only to immense opportunities but also difficult challenges. Tomboy Industrees aims to become a leader in human computing technologies to make our world a better place. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Ensuring Data Integrity & Data Neutralization Management Policy

Tomboy Industrees

   Ensuring Data Integrity & Data Neutralization Management
   Évaluation Des Informations et gestion des Dérangements Naturels

Void until no longer so.

This is the official company Policy on Ensuring Data Integrity & Data Neutralization Management (EDI–DN), hereinafter refered to as the Policy. The Policy is currently being written and will be published here at a future time.

We are currently testing some features below. These are not part of the Policy in any way.

\[ a = \frac{G M}{r^2} \]

\[\int_{a}^{b} f(t) = 0 \]

\[ \lim_{x\rightarrow 1}\frac{A}{B} \]

Sample image:

Alt text goes here...
Royalty free image

1. Le "g" dans "gestion" est minuscule pour pouvoir utiliser la même abbréviation EDI–DN.
2. In our version of English, it is preferable to spell refered with one "r."

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tomboy Industrees Intellectual Property

Updated 2 September 2018, 31 December 2021

The following items are the intellectual property of Tomboy Industrees and must be used only under licence. Tomboy Industrees reserves the rite to amend or alter this list in any way possible from time to time without further notice to you. Note that the "virtual non-existent" property does NOT permit illegal reproduction of duplicates, whether they exist or not.

Proposed company slogan: Software meets people™

Virtual non-existent persons:
  • Max and Grace Stavis, siblings
  • The Inouvah family
  • Opera, Zach & Code (twins), Alison Stoned; parodies of famous persons
  • The Seven Mystic Dragons, who hold immense incomprehensible powers

Virtual non-existent locations:
  • \( \sqrt{élocity} \) "Vu-LOW-si-tee", a major city, and its constituencies:
    • \( \sqrt{élo} \) Downs "VAY-lo DOWNS", the Downtown Core
    • Cloudland, an area immediately to the west of \( \sqrt{élo} \) Downs, known for its hi towers
    • Chaûmonœuf Blanche & Noir, immediately to the south of \( \sqrt{élo} \) Downs
    • Gonk, a neiborhood on a hill overlooking Chaûmonœuf and known for its university GonkU
    • North Shore, shaped like a wave pointing East
    • SalemBeach, in the East
    • Balcona, also in the East
    • Jabia, named after the summit of the same name. It's in the Southeast. In the East, there are a number of North-South boulevards called the SN2's ("Essentooz"), in the format Say NO to [Something Bad], with this exact capitalization. Some of most prominent are:
      • Say NO to Stupid Gouvernement Spending
      • Say NO to Corruption
      • Say NO to Junk Food
      • Say NO to Artificial Flavorings and Colorings
      • Say NO to Genetically Modified Organisms 
      • Say NO to Cancer
      • Say NO to Homelessness
      • Say NO to Apathy
      • Say NO to Racism ("RAY-si(s)m," 2 not 3 syllables)
      • Say NO to Pollution
      • Say NO to Coral Reef Destruction
      • Say NO to Endangering Wildlife
      • Say NO to Say NO to Islam (against Islamophobia)
    • SODO, a large area where the ✈Airport and Xpo (the exposition center) are located, in addition to Lake Sberka and Industria (an industrial zone). SODO is Southwest
    • Cýña, an equally large area in the West, known for the Karima amusement park and the Cýña River
    • Big Circle, a diverse neiborhood at \( \sqrt{élocity} \)'s Southwestern edge that is shared between SODO and Cýña due to historical reasons
  • Tomboy Industrees is also responsible for operating a rapid transit system in \( \sqrt{élocity} \). Some stations are as follows: Not all stations have been named
    • Line (1) Blue: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center ("VAY-lo SEN-ter," codenamed Lovetank), 4th/5th, Raven's, Central N ("North"), Corey-Chaâba, Chaûmonœuf Noir (masculin), Méçid ("MAY-sid"), Chaûmonœuf Blanche (féminine), Central S, 294 ("Two ninety-four"), Frontage, 1st Ave, Xpo1-3, Apt1,2A,3-5, SODO: Hosni/\( { \fbox{888}} \), de la Québécoise, Orichalcos Diabolos,Dieteurous,Tritos (Note that there are NO missing spaces here; this is notation), Karima/\( { \fbox{888}} \), Barzee
    • Line (2) Red: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center, 4th/5th, 10th, 12th, 15th, Harry Potter1/Raven's, Cýña: Riverside, E Allelee Allelee, Karima/\( { \fbox{888}} \)
    • Line (3) Green: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center; Quibley; Nargels (soft g); Sea Shore; Balcona N; Say NO to Stupid Gouvernement Spending; Say NO to Junk Food, Artificial Flavorings and Colorings & Genetically Modified Organisms (longest name ;); Say NO to Racism; Say NO to Say NO to Islam; Boy Who Didn't Wear Socks
    • Line (4) Orange: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center, Community, Isadora, Say NO to Corruption, Say NO to Cancer, Say NO to Homelessness, Say NO to Coral Reef Destruction, Say NO to Endangering Wildlife
    • Line (5) Brown: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center, 4th/5th, 4th Alley, \( { \fbox{380}} \)/Rose, Quagmire, Sea Shore Xpress
    • Line (6) Pink: Apt1, Xpo4, Apt2B, Fox Lake
    • Line (7) Purple: \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center, 4th/5th, 10th, 12th, 15th, Cloudland, Chaâba, Marketplace, Skylon, Chaûmonœuf Blanche, Central S, 294, 좋은 하루 되세요, كلِّ دا كان لـيـك, красивый бородой, ⵜⴰⴼⵓⵏⴰⵜ, E Allelee Allelee, Karima/\( { \fbox{888}} \), Big Circle, Read, Serenity Circle
    • Line (8) Yellow: Eau-Terre, Sugar Island, Kilota Island, Ciné, Cýña: Riverside, Harry Potter1/Raven's, 15th, Cloudland, Chaâba, Marketplace, Skylon, Chaûmonœuf Blanche, Central S, 294, Frontage, 1st Ave, Xpo1, XpoN, I💛$$$ (Yellow Heart Emoji), Canax, Glory of America, SalemBeach. A map of all lines will be provided later
  • Tomboy Industrees owns the following real estate in whole or in part:
    • épi, the tallest tower in \( \sqrt{élocity} \), situated in the middle of the \( \sqrt{élo} \) Center complex, shaped like a grain of wheat. Contains:
      • Intercourses A-E: Five long covered corridors for pedestrians
      • Outercourse: on Raven's Ave
      • Procourse: cardholders only
      • Multiple concourses within the mall, including a food court
    • Tomboy Industrees Headquarters: At VOdN in Industria, SODO
    • Parts of the smaller x in Xx E Allelee Allelee, two towers shaped like chromosomes, with one larger than the other
    • Mental Health and Personal Development, at SN2 SGS (Say NO to Stupid Gouvernement Spending) and Hiway \( { \fbox{380}} \)
    • The Karima fairgrounds (VOdSW)
    • The // leaning twin towers in Cloudland

Virtual non-existent software constructs, used primarily in virtual reality applications:
  • The Tomboy Industrees Human Computer™ symbol, which consists of 4 (four) characters: an opening square bracket, a colon, a closing parenthesis, then a closing square bracket: [:)]™. The symbol represents a cheerful sentient intelligence operating within a conventional computer processor
  • The live mesh surface symbol -\-/-.
  • The Tomboy Industrees DragonSea™ programming language, named after the Mystic Dragon Sea bordering \( \sqrt{élocity} \) 
  • Pathbar, name for a navigational UI element that deals with linear hierarchy
    • *.dna, a virtual representation of human, human-like or non-human DNA that is used by 2.eng (see below)
    • *.eng, refers to a software engine that is responsible for providing some functionality, in conjunction with the core software and other engines, as the case may be. Tomboy Industrees convention dictates that there are eight engines in the MRY VR software, numbered from one to eight, ie: 1.eng, 2.eng..., or 1-8.eng when all are mentioned
      • 1.eng Sense engine, its extension is 2.eng. Responsible for basic input and output. Time is linear.
      • 2.eng Similar Experience engine, abbreviated Sex. This is the only infallible engine and the cornerstone of MRY (49% weit). Takes care of:
        • Defining Similar Experiences, regulating their interactions, and verifying their infallibility
        • CRM: Creating and removing virtual non-existent persons or objects, using the cr and rm commands
        • i()as: Imagine as tool, imagines something (or someone) as something (or someone) else. Useful for "What if?" scenarios. Also known as wilk (What's it like...?)
        • ARAP: Attract, Repel, and Avoid Protocol. Can be used to repeal gravity, annoying siblings, or processed cheese
        • MHPD: Mental Health and Personal Development, our premier tool to ensure the mental well-being of our users and employees (to be hired). Because MHPD is part of 2.eng, it is necessarily infallible
        • DM: Permission system, to be detailed in the future
        • EDI-DN: Ensuring Data Integrity & Data Neutralization Management
        • Regulating sd (desire) and sp (pleasure) and their relation with time and each other. A practical example could include the regulation of body heat in a cold environment or the provision of an incentive to exercice
        • Time Manipulation: In 2.eng, time is not necessarily linear. Time may be paused, accelerated, slowed down, or reversed. However, time cannot be indefinitely stopped.
      • 3.eng Motion engine: Name says it all. Examples include cars and trains. Can be non-linear if mixed with 2.eng (2-3.eng). Naming protocol: d: direction / t: time / N, S, E, W: cardinal directions / NE, NW, SE|, SW: composite cardinal directions. A "|" must be added after the abbreviation of Southeast to prevent vandalism / U: up / V: Down / A: a flat surface that extends in all directions / C: a n-D space / The ʃ symbol refers to the end of something in a particular direction. Examples: Raven's dW is the start of Raven's in the direction West. ʃ Canax dSE| is the end of Canax due Southeast. At the middle of a path we may simply say something like \( { \fbox{43}} \) N, to refer to Hiway \( { \fbox{43}} \) going North. More details to be added later
      • 4-6,8.eng: To be defined. The former notation means 4,5,6,8.eng, or 4.eng, 5.eng, 6.eng, and 8.eng.
      • 7.eng Language engine, to be detailed in the distant future
    • *.mry, refers to a memory stored or experienced in the brain, via electromagnetic waves or otherwise
    • *.sex, a Similar Experience function of time that satisfies the Fundamental Law of Similar Experience, which states that A(t) and B(t) are Similar Experiences iff (if and only if) A ≠ B and
\[ \lim_{t\rightarrow \infty} A = B. \]

Any resemblance to actual persons, locations, or entities is entirely coincidental unless otherwise noted. File versions increment by one until the eighth version, which is numbered "8 xe," eg Motion 8 xe. The subsequent version is the Final one, numbered "Infinia." \( { \fbox{.}} \) refer to hiways. () refer to rail rapid transit lines. 

Sex Implementation Act
No entity, other than Tomboy Industrees (sometimes refered to here by "we" or "us"), is entitled to implement Similar Experience and/or Sex as a Software Construct as indicated by any documentation published by us, including but not limited to this here document, unless explicitly permitted in writing by us. We anticipate providing some outline at a later time when it is convenient for us to do so, with the understanding that we are under no obligation to provide any outline whatsoever, neither now nor at any point in the future, unless we indicate otherwise in separate documentation or as required by law.

More to come...

1Harry Potter is a trademark of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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